Beata Rostkowska-Nadolska, Zdzisław Machoń

Halucynogeny Część I - Halucynogeny pochodzenia naturalnego

In recent years the quantity of psychoactive substances harvested from nature has considerable increased. Hallucinogens (psychodysleptiques) are psychoactive substances that powerfully alter perception, mood and a hast cognitive processes. They are considered physiologically safe and do not produce dependence or addiction. They origin predates written history and they were employed by early cultures in a variety of sociocultural and ritual contexts. Majority of these substances can be obtained from plants and fungi growing wild or in the gardens. These facts facilitate illicit domestic production, distribution and illegal abused hallucinogens. Mounting more targeted research and educational efforts as well as increase government control may reduce there use and risks connected with illegal produced and abused hallucinogens.
Keywords: Hallucinogens, drug abuse, intoxication, nature origin.

Halucynogeny Część I - Halucynogeny pochodzenia naturalnego

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