Publication rules

Fee for publishing the manuscript

"Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica" is an open-access magazine under the terms of the Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 4.0) (no fee is charged for the use of the content on the magazine's website), hence the need to pay a fee for publishing the article. The reimbursement of the costs of preparing and publishing the manuscript has been transferred by the publisher to the authors. The fee is charged after acceptance of the manuscript for print (after the whole editorial process – acceptance for publication, reviews, any amendments resulting from the review and final acceptance for print).


Publication process

The correspondent author submits the article for publication using the Editorial System. The author also declares that the manuscript has not been published or is not being considered for publication in another journal. The manuscript sent to "Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica" is checked for plagiarism (this service is provided by Crossref, which allows access to the use of Turnitin iThenticate text comparison software), initially verified by the editor-in-chief who decides to send it for review, send it back for correction or reject. If it is found to be inconsistent with the journal's profile, it is rejected without being sent for review.

The manuscript deemed to be in line with the journal's profile is sent to at least two independent reviewers, specialists in a given field, for its evaluation in terms of content and guidelines determining the preparation of the manuscript. If it is stated that the content of the manuscript needs to be corrected, the correspondent author receives information from the system together with the comments of the reviewers. The correspondent author receives an anonymous version of the review and corrects the manuscript in accordance with the recommendations of the reviewers, in consultation with the other authors, and then sends the corrected text back to the reviewer, who, after checking the corrections, decides whether the article is ready for publication. If the reviewer does not see the need to re-receive the manuscript with corrections made by the author, the editor-in-chief, after checking that all corrections have been made, issues a decision on the initial acceptance of the manuscript for printing and forwards it to the author.

At this time, the leading editor prepares the work for sending to a professional composition (checks the manuscript in terms of language, makes language corrections, sets technical parameters, re-checks the corrections made by the authors). After submitting the text in accordance with the rules adopted by the editors, the article in PDF is sent by the leading editor to the author's correction, which aims to check the manuscript for possible errors, missing lines / paragraphs and errors in the entire text, manuscript title, names and affiliations of all authors, tables, drawings / diagrams, etc. and references cited. After verification, the author sends the article after the author's correction to the address from which the file was sent, within 3 business days; otherwise, the publication will be withdrawn or published without the author's corrections. Any changes to the manuscript, other than correction of printing errors, are made under the responsibility of the author.

The author may not make any changes to the manuscript that exceed 3% of the manuscript volume unless these changes have been consulted with the editor. Changes consisting in, inter alia, adding new paragraphs to the text or replacing them with new paragraphs of the existing text are allowed only with the consent of the editor-in-chief and the leading editor, provided that these changes do not significantly increase the cost of editing and composition and do not affect the date of publication of the manuscript.

At the same time, the correspondent author receives an email about the need to complete the contract on the transfer of the author’s economic rights to the publisher – the Polish Pharmaceutical Society. Each of the authors of the article is required to read the contract and sign it, and the correspondent author sends the scanned contract signed by all authors to the editorial system. At the same time, the correspondent author sends the original contract document signed by the authors to the editor. The manuscript will not be published until the original contract signed by all authors is received.

After the author's correction and applying corrections submitted by the authors, the article is indexed in Crossref, it is assigned a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), followed by: final acceptance, assignment to the journal number, publication on the journal's website (Polish and English) and sending the article to the external PORTICO repository and Polona National Library repository.

Authors have the right to withdraw the manuscript at any time prior to its publication.




Ghostwriting is a phenomenon of non-disclosure of the name of the person who made a significant contribution to the publication, as the author or co-author of the work. It is also not mentioning his role in the acknowledgments in the publication. The opposite of this attitude is guest authorship (honorary authorship), i.e. the inclusion of a specific person as the author or co-author of the work, despite the fact that his contribution to the publication is negligible or did not occur at all. Both attitudes are a manifestation of scientific misconduct and as such will be unmasked and documented by the editors, including notification of relevant entities (scientific institutions employing authors, other scientific centers or magazines). For this reason, the editors kindly ask all potential authors to honestly disclose the actual contribution to the publication (including affiliation and contribution, i.e. information about who is the author of the concept, assumptions, methods, etc. used in preparing the publication). Please also note that the main responsibility for providing this information is borne by the author who submits the manuscript.