Krzysztof Cal, Maja Glich, Monika Gawerska

Przenikanie liposomowej formy linalolu do warstw skóry w warunkach in vitro

In vitro skin penetration of linalool- liposomal form. The purpose of this study was to evaluate in vitro skin absorption and elimination kinetics of liposomal form of linalool. The liposomes were applied onto the human skin surface and left for 1 or 4 h. After that time, the stratum corneum was separated by a tape-stripping method, and the content of linalool in the skin layers was determined after extraction, using gas chromatography. Similarly, the amount of the terpene in the skin was analysed after 4 h in the elimination phase. Fast absorption of linalool into all skin layers was demonstrated. The cumulation in the stratum corneum and epidermis with dermis was 25 and 13 mg/cm2, respectively. During the 4 h absorption, the constant gradient of linalool in the stratum corneum layers was observed. During the 4 h elimination phase, no depletion of total amount of linalool in the skin was noted, but the concentration gradient of terpene in the stratum corneum layers was not so significant.