Wiktor Czarnecki, Katarzyna Świąder

Rozkład cytydyno-difosfocholiny w roztworach do wstrzykiwań w warunkach przyspieszonego starzenia

Decomposition of cytidine-diphosphocholine in iniection solutions in accelerated ageing conditions. The stability of cytidine-diphosphocholine has been studied in the aqueous and buffer solutions for iniection stored at the temperature 20, 30 and 40°C. It showed, that decomposition of active ingredient is example of the reversible reaction. The state of equilibrium was achieved, most quickly (77 days) for buffer solutions stored at the temperature of 40°C and the most slowly (147 days) for aqueous solutions stored at the temperature of 20°C. The rate constant for aqueous solutions ranged from 4,5453 ´-10-4d-1(20°C) to 1,9306 ´-10-3d-1 (40°C), for buffer solutions from 1,0008 ´-10-3d-1(20°C) to 2,4091 ´-10-3d-1 (40°C); the activation energy 14789 cal/mol/°and 8904 cal/mol/°, respectively.