Marian Sosada, Beata Pasker

Fosfolipidy jako nośnik substancji leczniczych w nowoczesnych postaciach leków - mikroemulsje i emulsje submikronowe

Phospholipids as a drug carrier in new pharmaceutical forms - Microemulsions and submicroemulsions. Native, modified and synthetic phospholipids as a non-toxic and biocompatible substances are the interesting group of compounds for pharmacy and cosmetics, because of its biological activity and the surface-active properties. Phospholipids application in the new pharmaceutical forms improves the solubility and enhance the bioavailability of poorly water-soluble drugs loaded in the systems and can significantly decrease the drug side effects. The physicochemical properties of the phospholipids used in the pharmaceutical forms depend significantly on the fatty acids profile and the kind of the polar head group in the compound. The application of native, modified and synthetic phospholipids in microemulsions and submicroemulsions are presented and discussed in this review.