Anna Zonenberg

Niedoczynność tarczycy - objawy kliniczne i leczenie

Hypothyroidism - clinical manifestations and treatment. The aim of this review was summarizing some data about hypothyroidism and it's various forms. Our paper describes diagnostic procedures of hypothyroidism and treatment strategies in this disorder. The sensitive thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH or thyrotropin) assay has become the single best screening and detecting test for thyroid disease. In clinical hypothyroidism, the standard treatment is levothyroxine replacement, which must be tailored to the individual patient. Awareness of subclinical thyroid disease, which is often undiagnosed, it should be emphasized, as is a system of care that incorporates regular follow-up and surveillance by one physician as well as education of the patient. Futhermore, our aim of management is to achieve euthyroid state in all patient of hypothyroidism especially in children and pregnant women. Subclinical hypothyroidism impair the cardiac contractile response to exercise and is associated with aim impaired lipid profile which lead to atherosclerosis.