Lesław Portas

Łączenie usług chirurgicznych i aptekarskich w dawnym Rzeszowie

Providing joint surgical and pharmaceutical services in old-time Rzeszów. First documented information on pharmacists from Rzeszów is dated from the beginning of XVII century. On the pages of the oldest municipal books of Rzeszów, we can find the entry from 1610 proving the presence of Jan Dutkowic, his son sebastian, and then Krzysztof Nowakowski and Błażej Pharmakopoli. In 1626 it was estblished the first barber-surgeon trade guild. The original founders of the trade guild were: Benedykt Bun, Kasper Germanus, Stanisław Straszykożuszek, Stanisław Skórski and Albert Boniecki - the first head guildsman. Analyzing the information included in the preserved source materials, we can find out that in old-time 17-century Rzeszów, some surgeons were the owners of pharmacies and they also dealt with pharmaceutics. The said surgeons, namely: Krzysztof Nowakowski, Jan Wodecki and Nataniel Anderson were mentioned both among pharmacists and surgeons.