Agnieszka Pietrosiuk, Monika Zych, Mirosława Furmanowa

Międzynarodowe sympozjum o polsko-niemieckiej współpracy naukowej w badaniach leku naturalnego

International Symposium on Polish-German Cooperation in Natural Drug Research. The results of Polish-German scientific cooperation were presented on May 19, 2005 in Warsaw. Symposium was organized by the Commission of Natural Drug and Biotechnology of the Committee on Therapy and Drug Research of the Polish Academy of Science and its vice-chairman Prof. dr. dr. h.c. Mirosława Furmanowa. Polish and German scientists presented eleven lectures. To the main plant species investigated by Warsaw-Bonn teams belong: Lithospermum canescens, Kniphofia foliosa, Rhodiola Kirilowii, R. quadrifida, Ipomoea asarifolia. All of them contain interesting chemical compounds as: alkaloids, naphthoquinones, glycosides, phenolic acids possessing biological activity. Intact plants and tissue and organ cultures, including transgenic roots, cultivated in vitro were the source for chemical compounds isolation. In presented studies also Polish students, who took part in Socrates-Erasmus exchange program, elaborated some parts of experiments. All forms of presented cooperation realized by the scientists and students were very fruitful for both sides and should be continued in the future. Symposium was organized in the year of Polish-German Cooperation, lasting from May 1st, 2005 till April 30th, 2006.