Ewa Zawadzka

Formulacja przeciwzapalnych kropli do oczu o zwiększonej lepkości, solubilizowanych micelarnymi roztworami polietero-n-oli

Formulation of anti-inflammatory eye drops of increased viscosity solubilized with micellar solutions polyether-n-ols. The preparation of vehicles for eye drops and their application forms with DNa and macromolecular adjuvant substances ń hydroxyethylcellulose (HEC) 100 and 300. The pH, osmolarity, surface tension and viscosity for prepared eye drops with DNa were determined. The critical micellar concentration for adducts forming from the formulation components of the vehicle for the eye drops was determined. Calculation of cmc has enabled for the calculation of micellar hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLBcmc) acc. to the method Lin, Davies and Griffin, and of the thermodynamic potential of micelle formation (Gm0). The diffusion rate of ionic stream from eye drops with DNa through the dialyser to the external compartment (water) was measured. The measurements were done by conductometric method.