Iwona Radecka

Absorpcyjna spektrometria atomowa - nowoczesna metoda kontroli składu preparatów farmaceutycznych

Atomic Absorption Spectrometry - a modern method for the control of the pharmaceutical preparations composition. The need of the permanent control of the contents of the active substance in trade pharmaceutical preparations and the concentration of electrolytes in blood and in other physiological fluids, as well as in the infusion solutions, gives a wide opportunity for the modern analytical method - Atomic Spectrometry. This method is based on the absorption or emission of the electromagnetic radiation in the range from 180 to 900 nm by electrons of free, not ionized atoms. Atomic Spectrometry is applied for the evaluation of the concentration of metallic elements in samples on the grounds of the amount of the absorbed or emitted electromagnetic energy. In the last years, the application of this particular analytical method was enlarged to many fields of life. In this article, the principles, on which the atomic absorption spectrometry is based, as well as the examples of its use in clinical investigation and in control of the pharmaceutical preparations, was presented.