Kamila Padkowska, Christian Matschke, Bogusława Lorentz-Biedrzykowska Paweł Szymański, Elżbieta Mikiciuk-Olasik

Elektroforeza kapilarna jako metoda analityczna popularna w laboratoriach farmaceutycznych

Capillary electophoresis as an analythical method popular in pharmaceutical laboratories. Capillary electrophoresis (CE) is dynamically developing analytical technique, which takes more and more important place in a pharmaceutical laboratory. It is used in both R&D laboratories and for routine pharmaceutical quality control analysis. CE analytical methods are used for separation of pharmaceutical substances, their identification and assay determination. CE gives us possibility to analyze contamination (chiral compounds), cleaning monitoring and determination of drugs in biological fluids. -CE is one of the latest CE variations, it is sometimes being named new generation CE. Because of it's advantages it will soon be in common use for drug determination. CE gives certainty of well performed analysis and is environmentally safe.