Sebastian Polak, Aleksander Mendyk, Miłosz Polak, Jerzy Brandys

Wykorzystanie technologii cyfrowych w kształceniu farmaceutów. Część I. Internetowy system obsługi studentów

Use of digital technologies in pharmaceutical education. Part 1. Internet-based System of Student Information Management. University teachers are increasingly encouraged to use internet and e-learning techniques to expand administrative and learning environments available to students. Such tools are attractive because of their ease of use and considerable research has demonstrated their popularity with both students and educators. We demonstrate that Polish pharmacy students also needs such solutions. We provide easy to use and perspective internetbased system of student information management - ISOS. During the testing period ca. 400 pre- and postgraduate students were included. Each of them has had they own student panel available via internet. After the two semesters the questionnaire addressed for end was execute. The results shows that students found our proposition very interesting and valuable. After some necessary adjustments the ISOS system would be introduced for wider group of students.