Agnieszka Zimmermann, Wiesława Stożkowska

Reklama w aptece - stan prawny oraz aspekt etyczny

Advertising at the pharmacy - legal and ethical aspect. The definition of the medicinal products advertising set forth by the Pharmaceutical Law valid in Poland distinguishes the information message and agitation message. In Poland, just like in the other European Union countries, advertising drugs on prescription in the mass media and accepting financial gains by the doctors and pharmacists is prohibited, except for objects of a minute value where the latter term has not been explained in detail. Rules laid down for implementation of the said Law includes detailed instructions referred to advertising of medicines, however, it does not determine the limits of the marketing methods used by Pharmacies, which in many cases can be controversial and against the Code of Ethics for Pharmacists of the Republic of Poland. The ethical standards that must be met by the pharmacists allow responsible performance of the public credibility profession and contributes to the social role of the Pharmacy.