Marek Pawlicki, Janusz Legutko

Rak - rozczarowania i nadzieje

Cancer - disappointments and hopes. The progress of tumor pharmacotherapy apart from the development of other treatment methods had in last 10 years a significant impact on the number of 5-years survivals, which constitute the most objective way of assessing the effectiveness of a treatment. In the same time we are observing a statistically significant increase of the average survival time, illustrating the efficiency of the treatment also in relation to patients for whom there was not a complete healing during the 5 years observation period. The use of many modern drugs causes significant risk of serious adverse effects. There are still controversies related to the choice of the optimal dosage. Important influences of the dose, as well as the scheme of drug administration have been proved. In many situations we have not an explicit opinion, how long the therapy should be continued. An enormous importance for the choice of medicaments has also its price. We are currently treating still older patients - this increase the treatment costs because of longer hospitalization and more expensive therapy of concomitant disorders. The decision concerning their treatment should be taken not on the basis of a defined age after which the therapy should be stopped, but on the ground of their biological condition, permitting to continue an efficient treatment. A high specialization in different medical disciplines has an impact on the deterioration of general knowledge of single physicians concerning the early diagnosis.