Katarzyna Małolepsza-Jarmołowska, Aneta Fortuna-Gut, Magdalena Rittau-Skowron

Wpływ glicerolu na uwalnianie metronidazolu z żeli zawierających kompleks kwasu mlekowego z Eudragitem E-100

The influence of glycerol on the release of metronidazole from gels containing lactic acid complexed with Eudragit?E-100. Thus ensuring a continuous action of a drug also during daily activity time of a patient is a vital question in gynaecological treatment. Many drugs conform to this requirement only when a patient is in a horizontal position. The investigated preparations on methylcellulose base revealed good adhesion to the vaginal mucosa and were present on it throughout the daily activities of the patient. Metronidazole release form methylcellulose gels containing lactic acid complexed with Eudragit?-100 in 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1 molar ratio was shown to be differentiated. Half-release time is from 25 to 54 hours. This will enable selection of a preparation with optimum metronidazole release rate providing its antibacterial level at the site of application.