Aleksandra Szymanek, Iwona Piotrowska, Renata Komorowska, Edmund Sieradzki

Formulacja hydrożeli z 2,5% zawartością ketoprofenu otrzymanych na bazie Carbopolu 980 oraz hydroksypropylometylocelulozy

Formulation of hydrogels with 2,5% ketoprofene content produced on the basis of Carbopol 980 and hydroxyprophylmethylcellulose. The assumption of this research was to prove that hydroxyprophylmethylcellulose -HPMC, substance which has wide range of use in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry, where are used its great thickening, stabilizing or filming properties, can be as good gelling substance as Carbopol 980 and it can be used in producuction of hydrogels, giving them proper gel structure. Fallowing researches have been made to confirm this hypothesis: organoleptic metering, pH-metry, rheological examinations and time substance release of drug in vitro method.