Artur Owczarek, Anna Pawlik-Gałczyńska, Janusz Pluta

Skóra jako droga podania substancji leczniczych. Część II. Nowoczesne postacie leków do podawania na skórę

Skin as a way for drug substances delivery. Part 2. Novel transdermal drug delivery. The past thirty years have seen an explosion in the creation and discovery of new medicinal agents. The creation of transdermal delivery systems has been one of the most important of these innovations, offering a number of advantages over the oral route. In this article, we discuss the already significant impact this field has made on the administration of various pharmaceuticals and explore limitations of the current technology. The stratum corneum plays a crucial role in barrier function for transdermal or topical drug delivery. Despite major research and development efforts in transdermal systems and the advantages of these routes, low stratum corneum permeability limits the usefulness of topical drug delivery. To overcome this, methods have been assessed to increase permeation. We describe a few methods is the use of transdermal system, such as patches, sonophoresis, iontophoresis, electroporation and micro-needles.