Jarosław Mazgalski, Agnieszka Durlach, Wiesław Sawicki

Powlekanie w technologii stałych postaci leku

Film coating of solid dosage form in pharmaceutical technology. Within the pharmaceutical technology, coating is a common and widely-used process of production solid dosage form. Rapidly-dissolving coating allows a patient more comfort when administering the granulate or the pellets constituting the tablets and protects the active substance from being exposed to external factors, such as light and humidity. Additionally, coating allows to obtain modified drug release (enteric coated) or slow release. The article describes the factors influencing the preparation of proper film coating mixtures. The aspects are: selecting proper polymer, plasticizer and solvent. Also, the work presents the complicated mechanism of forming the film coating and the dynamics of the whole coating process, referring to most commonly-used laboratory and industrial devices.