Dominik M. Marciniak, Janusz Pluta

Skóra jako droga podania substancji leczniczych. Część III. Matematyczne modelowanie uwalniania substancji leczniczych z postaci leków podawanych na skórę

Skin as a way for drug substances delivery. Part 3. Mathematical modeling of transdermal drug release. In this review we describe the theoretical principles used to describe transdermal release and we show that relatively simple membrane transport models based on the appropriate solution to Fickęs second law of diffusion can be used to explain drug release kinetics into this complex biological membrane. The models are for systems having planar geometries and describe the fundamental characteristics of drug release from transdermal patch devices. He used two principal models: (i) the sheet in contact with the skin was fully loaded with the drug (producing a burst effect) and (ii) the sheet was empty (and constituted the rate-limiting barrier) but was supplied by a drug reservoir (resulting in a lag effect).