Katarzyna Szalonka, Sabina Sikorska

Opinia pacjentów o aptekach w Polsce - raport z badań ankietowych

patients opinion on Polish pharmacies - the report from questionnaire study. The patients needs should be distinguished depending on salary levels, personality and the point of view on treatment process. In reference to that the patients should be divided into homogenous groups and then the action should be adapted to these specific groups. Every patient visiting a community pharmacy wants to satisfy his/her needs. The patient chooses such pharmacy, which satisfies him at the highest level. Because of the influence of the environment, the client of pharmacy shop modifies his/her behavior. That's why it is necessary to observe the customers behaviors and adjust actions to them. For the companies, which have chosen the marketing orientation as the way of doing business and generating the profit it is the obligatory requirement. From the researches come out that patients choosing pharmacy shop suggest such factors as products availability, professional service and applied price policy.