Monika Tomczykowa

Związki alkaloidowe - analiza fitochemiczna

Alkaloids - phytochemical analysis. The alkaloids are the largest single class of secondary plant substances. The term ëalkaloidsę is very hard to precise definition, but it is used to describe nitrogenous plant constituents with basic properties and with marked physiological action on man and animals. There are many different systems of classification of that group of substances. The alkaloids are classified by the ring systems, which are the main part of their structures. That is called ëchemical classificationę. Biogenetic classification based on the origin of the alkaloid is mostly being used. Methods of extraction, isolation and detection vary, depending on the scale and purpose. Alkaloids, as chemically heterogeneous group, cannot be identified in plant extracts according to one general rule. Basic rules for extraction, detection, qualitative and quantitative determination were described.