Maja Krasowska

Choroba afektywna dwubiegunowa. Część II - Wyzwanie terapeutyczne

Bipolar disorder. Part 2 - therapeutic challenge. Treatment guidelines of acute mania in bipolar disorder rely on manifold clinical trials, which establish specific interventions, that are on the top of the evidence-based pyramid. Whereas the manic states seem to be more socially unacceptable, far more noxious and surreptitiously invading the personal. as well as interpersonal, quality of life are the depressive episodes of the disease. Notwithstanding the significance of bipolar depression, the state of evidence from randomized, placebo-controlled trials is surprisingly poor. As a consequence, pharmacotherapy recommendations have to trust in stances of experts, which are not in concord.The article focuses on contemporary guidelines for the treatment of patients with particular phases of bipolar disorder and medications applied to them, according to the recommendations of American Psychiatric Association, British Association of Psychopharmacology, National Collaborating Centre for Mental Health and the researchers who developed The Texas implementation of medication algorithms.