Maria Wójcik-Jaiweń, Wojciech Jawień, Maciej Gryc

Ocena problemu interakcji leków na podstawie analizy recept zrealizowanych w aptece otwartej

An evaluation of the drug interactions problem on the basis of prescriptions analysis in a community pharmacy. Preventing unnecessary or harmful drug interactions is one of pharmacist's duties. Such interactions may decrease efficiency of the drug therapy and intensify its adverse reac­tions. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the frequency and clinical significance of drug interactions encountered by a Polish pharmacist in a community pharmacy. The prescriptions dis­pensed on January and February 2006 in community pharmacy located in the place near Kraków were subject of the study. The database of prescriptions data was created. It contained identifiers of pa­tients and prescribing physicians, dates of dispense as well as registered drug names. The join op­eration with "Drugs Interactions" database (Kamsoft, Poland) was performed in order to detect po­tential interactions. Available scientific publications and Internet databases were also used in the analysis. It was found that a community pharmacist encounters drug interactions in 30% of patients. Some of these interactions may lead to very serious consequences, like arrhythmia or haemorrhage. In ma­jority of cases the interactions appear between drugs prescribed by the same physician and dis­pensed in the same day. Medication-related problems of a Polish patient do not differ significantly from those encountered in the other countries.