Andrzej Czyrski, Tadeusz Hermann

Otrzymanie krystalicznych pochodnych brunatnego produktu fotoutleniania chlorowodorku papaweryny

Obtaining of crystalline derivatives of papaverine hydrochloride brown fotodegradation product. Papaverine hydrochloride injection solutions are susceptible to degradation by both UV and day light irradiation. A brown degradation product of papaverine hydrochloridewas recently identified with 2,3,9,10-tetramethoxy-12-oxo-12H-indolo[2,1-a]isoquinolinylium chloride. It was synthetized by irradiation of papaverinol (well known oxidation product of papaverine hyrdochloride) by means of UV light at 254 nm. The crude material was purified by crystallization to obtain its quaternary salts (iodide, hexafluorophosphate, acetate). It has appeared to be difficult to obtain its molecular crystals. Its iodide gives an amorphous black precipitate. The acetate and hexafluorophosphate derivatives provides needles.The obtaining of molecular crystals of the above mentioned compound is essential for X-ray analysis.