Małgorzata Stokrocka, Małgorzata Sznitowska

Uwalnianie paracetamolu z czopków zawierających lecytynę - wpływ metody sporządzania czopków

Paracetamol releasre from suppositories containing lecithin. The release rate of active substance from suppositories is affected by the nature of suppository basis and presence of other excipients. Using the pharmacopoeial (Ph. Eur.) flow-through apparatus and basket apparatus dissolution test for paracetamol suppositories without and with lecithin (2%) was performed. It was discovered that in the basket apparatus the release of paracetamol from suppositories with lecithin, prepared with intensive mixing in unguator, was much slower due to the aeration of the melting mass. In the flow through apparatus this effect was not observed. In both apparatus the release rate from suppositories with lecithin was much slower than from the formulation without lecithin.