Anna Krupa, Renata Jachowicz

Tabletki szybko rozpadające się w jamie ustnej zawierające stałe rozproszenia ibuprofenu

Orodispersible tablets with solid dispersions of ibuprofen. Orodispersible tablets are uncoated tablets destinated to be placed in the mouth where they disperse rapidly before being swallowed. Immediate tablet disintegration facilitates drug release. It can be essential to improve drug bioavailability especially in case of active substances soluble in water which are able to penetrate by the mucosa of the oral cavity. Ibuprofen represents a drug from BCS system class II. Therefore, during preformulation studies it is still a challenge to improve its solubility using novel excipients such as F-Melt C. Furthermore, the choice of the solvent is important to optimize dissolution studies in case of orodispersible tablets. That was the reason why the solubility of ibuprofen was analysed in different media such as artificial salivas or 0,9% NaCl. Both composition and pH of the solution had an influence on the solubility of ibuprofen. The results outlined that F-Melt C can improve the solubility of ibuprofen more than 10 times. Solid dispersion of ibuprofen obtained using F-Melt C as a carrier can be used for orodispersible tablets preparation by compression.