Rafał Łunio, Wiesław Sawicki

Tabletki - metody i mechanizm wytwarzania. Część I.

Tablets - methods and mechanism obtaining. Part. I. Research aiming at finding new drug forms and perfecting the existing ones constitute the most important task of pharmaceutical technology. In the recent years, a very greatnumber of publications have appeared considering oral formulations in the form of compressed tablets. Despite great progress in powder or traditional granules compressibility, compressing and mechanism are the most complex process. Hence, only few scientific descriptions were applied in industry. Characteristics of compression process and statistical control of main parameters is possible. The installed sensors enable measuring compressing force, initial and main compression and the force of tablet expulsion from the matrix. The above mentioned features of rotary tablet press are supposed to contribute to obtaining optimum hardness, tablet decomposition time and drug release rate. The gained experience in monitoring the work of laboratory tableting machine and rotary tablet press in correlation with such physical parameters as tensile strength, porosity, pellet swelling and amortization properties of tablet mass components will broaden our knowledge concerning compressibility and transfering the technology to industry.