Agnieszka Piwowar

Stres oksydacyjny a cukrzyca. Część I. Rola stresu oksydacyjnego w cukrzycy i rozwoju jej powikłań

Oxidative stress and diabetes mellitus. Part 1. Role of oxidative stress in diabetes and its vascular late complications development. Since many years hyperglycemia has been recognized as the most important factor contributing in formation and development of vascular late diabetic complications. Recently oxidative stress is also considered as equally important factor of these disturbances. It is not known, which of these factors are more engaged in pathogenesis of the disease. It is hypothesised, that hyperglycemia and oxidative stress mutually affect on each other according to the mechanism of "vicious circle", what deepens different disorders existing in diabetes. This paper presents the actual stage of knowledge on disturbance of oxidant-antioxidant balance in diabetes and its role in development of diabetic complications. We can conclude that oxidative stress in different ways deepens the metabolic disturbances presented in diabetes. The earliest qualification of the degree of oxidative stress intensity, by measuring levels of adequate markers, is very important as it will enable to apply the most suitable treatment.