Małgorzata Dołowy

Badanie tożsamości kwasu ursodeoksycholowego w wybranych preparatach farmaceutycznych techniką NP-TLC

Examination of ursodeoxycholic acid in selected pharmaceutical preparations with the use of NP-TLC technique. A simple and rapid method of identification of ursodeoxycholic acid (UDC) in selected commercial drugs in form of tablets and capsules was found. The qualitative analysis of ursodeoxycholic acid in methanol extracts of its commercial drugs was performed with the use of NP-TLC method. A mixture of n-hexane + ethyl acetate + acetic acid in volume compositions: 22:22:5 and 25:20:5 and also chloroform + acetone + acetic acid mixture in volume compositions: 40:7:3 and 38:10:2 as the mobile phases and chromatographic plates: Art. 1.05715, Art. 1.05554, Art. 1.05553 as the stationary phases allowed for effective analysis of examined drugs. With the use of above - mentioned chromatographic conditions the optimal RF values (in the range 0,3-0,6) for ursodeoxycholic acid and its extracts on all applied chromatographic plates together were obtained. The proposed method can be useful for identification or estimation of purity of ursodeoxycholic acid in commercial formulations.