Wiesław Sawicki, Agnieszka Makulec

Badania preformulacyjne w procesie powlekania otoczkami polimerowymi

Films have to be enough strong, strenght and flexible to provide physical protection to the core increasing its resistance to rupture. For practical reasons, such as the difficulty on taking away the applied film without damage, their mechanical properties are evaluated using free films. This research is particularly useful for choosing proper composition of film coating mixtures to coat cores e.g. pellets, which will be in the further stage tableted. The article describes methods of producing free films and methods of evaluating their properties such as: permeability and mechanical properties. The work also presents the properties of some polimer free films and factors influencing this properties such as: type of polimer dispersion, plasticizer type, methods of film preparation and drying conditions.
Keywords: model membranes, polymers, preformulation research, mechanical properties, tensile strength, plastificators

Badania preformulacyjne w procesie powlekania otoczkami polimerowymi

574.13 kB | 21 grudnia 2017