Tomasz Osmałek, Tomasz Gośliński

Rozwój badań dotyczących fotodynamicznej terapii onkologicznej

The development of photodynamic therapy in tumor treatment. Photodynamic therapy is a sort of photochemotherapy that uses light to excite chemical compounds administered previously to the patient. It bases on selective absorption of radiation by photosensitizers and subsequent generation of reactive oxygen species. It is a suitable method for diagnosis and treatment of localized tumors and many other diseases.
It is obvious that light has been utilized in medicine and pharmacy since antiquity. The history of photodynamic therapy embraces a large number of significant experiments and discoveries that contributed to the fact that PDT is nowadays the most potent and efficient method of tumor treatment.
Keywords: photodynamic therapy, photodynamic diagnosis, porphyrins, photosensitizers.

Rozwój badań dotyczących fotodynamicznej terapii onkologicznej

166.70 kB | 21 grudnia 2017