Krzysztof Cal, Justyna Stefanowska

Metody zwiększania przenikania substancji leczniczych przez skórę

Methods for skin permeation enhancement of drug substances
Skin is the desirable route for the delivery of drug substances into the human body, however intact skin is normally permeable only for molecules with log P in the range of 1-3, smaller than 500 Da and present in a unionized form. Usually, obtained fluxes of drug substances are too low for the induction of systemic therapeutic effects. It is caused mainly by the lipophilic properties of the outer, dead layer of the skin - the stratum corneum. On the other hand, molecules that permeated the stratum corneum are easily taken up by capillary vessels present in the deeper skin. This article presents methods used for skin permeation enhancement. Various carriers, chemical permeation enhancers, electrically supported methods and devices, and the stratum corneum bypassing or removing methods are described and discussed.
Keywords: stratum corneum, skin permeation, skin permeation enhancement.

Metody zwiększania przenikania substancji leczniczych przez skórę

543.72 kB | 21 grudnia 2017