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Uwagi etymologiczne do nazw wybranych roślin leczniczych

Etymological remarks on the names of some medicinal plants
The paper is to revise the etymology of some less known old medicinal plants: pelecinus (Biserrula pelecinus L.) originates from Greek pelex - comb; acanthium (Onopordum acanthium L.) from Gk. akanthion - small acanthus, hedgehog or thorn; chamaelea (Cneorum tricoccon L.) from Gk. chamai + elaia - dwarf olive; apocynum (Apocynum cannabinum L.) and cynanchium are names of plants which affect throat muscles of dogs, Cataputias are euphorbiaceous plants and their seeds, which resemble pills (Gk. katapotion). The name melampodium for hellebores Helleborus L. may insist the dark colour of stems. Scolopendrium as the name of ferns reflects the body shape of a centipede Scolopendra and concerned originally Asplenium ceterach L., later it was erroneously transposed for A. scolopendrium L. Onagra for evening primeroses Oenothera L. should be derived from Gk. onagron - an oleander.
Keywords: medicinal plants, materia medica, etymology.

Uwagi etymologiczne do nazw wybranych roślin leczniczych

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