Maria Warwas, Krzysztof Gołąb, Grzegorz Kopiec

Ograniczenie produktów reakcji Maillarda w diecie jako strategia zapobiegania ich wzrostowi w organizmie

Reduced intake of food-derived Maillard reaction products as a strategy of their endogenous accumulation

Maillard Reaction Products (MRP) are generated in food and biological systems (AGE). In this review, the following issues are discussed: the chemical and analytical aspects of MRP formation; influence of thermal processing on their formation; absorption of food MPR and their metabolic fade, relationship between MPR and AGE: as well as low food derived MPR intake as an prevention or therapeutic strategy in AGE-related disorders (e.g. diabetes, chronic kidney diseases).
Keywords: Maillard Reaction Products (MRP), Advanced Glycation Products (AGE), food, thermal processes, oxidant stress.