Robert Szyca, Agnieszka Zimmerman, Krzysztof Leksowski

Systemy zarządzania jakością w placówkach ochrony zdrowia

Systems of quality management in healthcare institutions

The purpose of this work is to show values of the quality of medical services, considering competition on the market of medical services. The article below constitutes issues related to operation of the main institutions providing services and the crucial role of quality in strengthening the position of health care institution and increasing the group of patients taking advantage of its services.
Health care institution is a basic entity for functioning of the competitive market of medical services. Main topics include the problem related to the quality of medical services, its growing significance and platforms, in which quality plays a very important role in the process of providing services. Quality has been shown as a marketing tool, serving for creating a proper image of health care institution, through meeting expectations of patients and creating loyalty relations between patients and service providers. The work has also discussed the principal forms of assuring quality in health care institutions, comparisons and advantages resulting from implementation of quality management standards and ISO.
Keywords: healthcare institution, quality of health care services, medical audit, hospital pharmacy.