Agnieszka Garncarczyk, Magdalena Jurzak

Produkty zawierające substancje pochodzenia roślinnego wykorzystywane w próbach leczenia bliznowców

Products containing botanical ingredients in the treatment probes of keloid scars

Keloids are benign tumors of connective tissue, which are the result of altered wound healing. They are characterized with excessive extra cellular matrix tissue formation although they extend beyond the area of the initial wound and do not regress spontaneously. Frequently the sites with increased skin tension have been implicated to be favored as areas for keloid formation. Keloids are important problems in esthetic dermatology and surgery. Currently there is no one modality that is always successful. Available methods of treatment include surgical, pharmacological and physical treatment. The best effects are achieved in combination therapy. Beside standard methods there are some alternative methods in keloid prevention and pretreatment, which based on natural botanical ingrediences: colchicine from autumn crocus Colchicum autumnale, allantoin from Symphytum officinale, extracts from Centella asiatica, aloe Aloe vera, chamomile Matricaria chamomilla, Rafflesia hasselti, onion Allium cepa, garlic Allium sativum extracts. Demonstrated natural feeds exhibit interesting properties in prevention of pathological scars formation. Unfortunately the long term stimulation is essential to receive improved in scar appearance.
Keywords: keloid, scar, wound healing.