Anna Kluk, Małgorzata Sznitowska

Problemy z przygotowaniem ex tempore zawiesin pediatrycznych

Difficulties with preparation of pediatric extemporaneous

Preparations with antibiotics, due to their low stability, are manufactured and stored as powders or granules, which are mixed with water extemporaneously to obtain suspension/solution. Due to the fact that the product is reconstituted into liquid form by the caregivers directly before application, often mistakes happen.
The present paper contains a critical review of leaflets of some medications with antibiotics, present on Polish market in a form of extemporaneous suspensions, and describes basic problems concerning their preparation from the stage of suspending of the solid particles up to appropriate dosing and application. Analysis of patient’s information demonstrates that preparation of these pediatric formulations and their application is not simple, but in fact leaves number of doubts. Moreover, most of the parents’ mistakes result not only from their insufficient knowledge and inexperience but also from numerous inaccuracies found in drug leaflets. The most appropriate procedure, eliminating the risk of mistakes, is dispensing such products in a liquid form, after reconstitution made by a pharmacist.
Keywords: pediatric oral suspensions, extemporaneous suspension, pediatrics, antibiotics.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(9): 573-576