Anna Rachwał, Katarzyna Greber, Wiesław Sawicki

Właściwości przeciwdrobnoustrojowe endogennych peptydów kationowych

Antimicrobal properties of endogenous cationic peptides
Endogenous antimicrobal peptides are substances that have been quite recently examined by the experts, and can contribute to changing the scientific attitude towards etiology as well as improve the effinciency of treatment of numerous diseases. The antibiotics that are more commonly used in medicine nowadays caused the development of the drug resistance system among different strains of bacteria, which became the global predicament as far as the health care is concerned. The quickened pace with which the new types of mutation occur does not go hand in hand with the sufficinet response in the field od medicament research and technological advancement. A constant quest for searching, isolating, and modifying endogenous antimicrobal peptides that are easy to be found in insects, amphibians and mammals might in the not remote future support, or even occur to be successful in eliminating bacteria that are resistant to conventional methods.
Keywords: antimicrobal peptides, mode of action, therapeutic use, insects peptides, amphibian peptides.
© Farm Pol, 2011, 67(10): 716-722