Przemysław Skoczeń, Paweł Gąsior, Wiesław Sawicki

Znaczenie odpowiedniej zsypywalności masy tabletkowej w procesie kompresji

Importance of proper flowability of the blend during compression process

Blend flowability is responsible for proper dies filling during compression process, while complete and reproducible dies filling is a critical parameter influencing tablets quality. Flowability depends on resistance formed during blend particles movement. This resistance is due to the cohesive forces between particles (van der Waals forces, forces due to moisture and forces due to electrostatic charging). Evaluation of blend flowablity can be performed using several methods e.g. angle of repose measurement or Hausner ratio and Carr’s index determination. Proper choice of blend composition (fillers, glidants, lubricants and disintegrating agents) as well as preparation method (powder mixing or granulation) is a way to obtain a stable product with good bioavailability, which can manufactured in a reproducible process.
Keywords: Flowability, compression, blend.
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