Paulina Znajdek-Awiżeń, Irena Matławska, Mirosława Krauze-Baranowska

Surowce roślinne w Farmakopeach Polskich I-VIII

Plant medicines in the Polish Pharmacopoeias I–VIII

Pharmacopoeia comprises a set of qualitative norms of medicinal products. Comparing Polish Pharmacopoeias from FP I to FP VIII, we observe changes between the monographs of the medicinal plant products placed there.
The number of monographs included in FP I had been gradually decreasing in consecutive editions, before it began to grow again in FP VIII.
The changing tendencies also included the substitution of national medicinal plant products for those of exotic origin.
The range of standardization research was expanded, too, including qualitative and quantitative chromatographic analysis (TLC, HPLC) more and more frequently.
The changes in FP undoubtedly result from the increasing interest in plants as potential sources of substances with therapeutic activity, as well as the pursuit of appropriate standards, medicinal effectiveness and safe application.
Keywords: Polish Pharmacopoeias I–VIII, plant medicines.