Aleksander A. Kubis

The safe use of ultraviolet solar radiation

The safe use of ultraviolet solar radiation
The use of sun bath is widespread especially during the summer and winter holidays. Under the influence of the sunlights, the skin takes on very pretty, bronze color which is received positively by almost whole society. Nevertheless, tanning process should be controlled by planning it in time in terms of solar radiation dose to the skin. Only then, the resulting tan can be considered satisfactory in terms of, not only esthetic but above all, health and beauty issues. During the radiation with sunlight, organism activates the defense processes which aim to neutralize absorbed solar energy, especially the ultraviolet radiation. After activation of the defense mechanisms by producing melanin, the harmful effect of ultraviolet light is reduced, but never remain neutral. Immediately after sunbath, redness can occur in irradiated skin and after a long exposition painful solar erythema. The last one can cause negative changes in the skin that may occur even after many years. The dermatologists define these changes as distant effects. You can prevent these dangerous ailments by using sunscreen.
Keywords: the tanning process, skin phototypes, chemical and physical UV filters, light protection preparations.
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