Leszek Borkowski, Joanna Wojsznis

Magnetostymulacja i magnetoterapia jako jedna z metod terapeutycznych zwalczania bólu

Magnetic stimulation and magnetotherapy as one of the methods for pain alleviation

In specyfic pain besides causal treatment, physical treatment is used apart from pharmacological and surgical methods used. The physical way of pain treatment is more and more popular among the patients.The advantage of physical way of pain treatment is relatively high level of safety if the treatment is initiated by physician or well qualified physiotherapist. Another good way of chronic pain treatment is the stimulation current low-frequency or laser. Therapeutic use of magnetotherapy and magnetic stimulation goes back to 60s of last century, but still this physiotherapeutic technique develops dynamically which brings important data helping us to understand its role in pain treatment and process of human organism recovery.

Keywords: magnetic stimulation, magnetotherapy, pain, neurolysis, pharmacologic analgesia

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