Tadeusz Władysław Hermann

Przykłady ciekawych zadań rachunkowych z chemii fizycznej (farmacji fizycznej) dla studentów farmacji

Examples of some interesting exercises in physical chemistry (physical pharmacy) for curricula of pharmacy

This presentation considers the problem solving of 20 exercises chosen from three chapters of physical chemistry (physical pharmacy): thermodynamics (16), spectroscopy (quantum chemistry) (2) and kinetics (2). The texts of exercises were excerpted from the best American [2] and English [4, 6] books of physical chemistry (physical pharmacy) and from two domestic sources [3, 5]. However, the steps of sequential calculations have been proposed by myself, and were practiced during my 27 year lasting classes in physical chemistry (physical pharmacy) for 2nd year pharmacy students. I hope that the examples provided are of interest to the faculties of pharmacy staff and students as well as to the pharmacists.

Keywords: physical chemistry, exercises, 20 problem solving

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