Damian Świeczkowski, Jerzy Krysiński, Piotr Merks, Danuta Siluk

Opieka farmaceutyczna w opinii lekarzy oraz farmaceutów województwa pomorskiego

Pharmaceutical care in the opinion of physicians and pharmacists Pomeranian Province


The pharmaceutical care is a documented process focused on medicines related problems, which leads to improving the quality of patient’s life. The pharmacist, working together with other medical professionals, has been creating a program of cooperation with the patient, leading to improved compliance and adherence. Implementation of pharmaceutical care services in the community pharmacy is an essential element in the development of an improved national health care system.

Aim of the study

The aim of the project was to collect opinions of physicians and pharmacists in the Pomeranian Province about pharmaceutical care (PC) and the possibility of implementation of PC across community pharmacies.


A self-administered, anonymous questionnaire was distributed among physicians and also among pharmacists working at community pharmacies. The survey consisted of 11 questions for physicians and 21 for pharmacists of the pomeranian district. Responses were analyzed statistically with the use of discriptive statistics and chi-square tests. All statistical analyses were performed using professional software.


Physicians were positive about increasing the role of pharmacists on patients’ pharmacotherapy and patient care. Pharmacists noticed the need for the postgraduate education and improvement of the skills and knowledge necessary for the professional provision of pharmaceutical care. All professional groups including academics are aware of the difficulties in implementing pharmaceutical care in community pharmacies.


There is also a necessity for a pharmacoeconomics reflection about pharmaceutical care. The results are exploratory and constitute a contribution for further discussions about pharmaceutical care in Poland. Keywords: pharmaceutical care, pharmacist, community pharmacy.

© Farm Pol, 2016, 72(4): 201-210