Janusz Jaroszyński, Marta Roszkowska, Hanna Plata

Dopalacze – zagrożenie czy już plaga? Część 1

Designer drugs - a threat whether already plague? Part 1 ·

Designer drugs are preparations containing psychoactive substances, which alter the consciousness. Their production, sale and advertising is banned in Poland. They are available in the form of tablets, powders or smoking blends. Designer drugs have similar effects to illegal drugs, sometimes even stronger. Since they have appeared quite recently, their composition is not thoroughly known yet, which means that there is no reliable data on their actual harm. It is also difficult to help those who use them as it is not known which treatment to apply. Despite the amendments to the law on drug abuse and the list of controlled substances, the fight with this problem is extremely difficult. New molecules with alter the chemical composition keep appearing. Therefore, the coordinated cooperation between Chief Sanitary Inspector, Police and Prosecutor's Offices throughout the country is a must.

Keywords: patient, designer drugs, psychoactive substances, tablet, powder, smoking blends

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