Anna Dworakowska

Wywiad motywujący w praktyce aptekarza. Jak farmaceuta może wspierać pacjenta w prozdrowotnej zmianie?

Motivational interviewing in pharmacy practice: How pharmacists can help patients in healthy change ・ Pharmacist can support patients to develop healthy habits and model health attitudes and behavior. This paper aims to familiarize pharmacists in Poland with the Motivational Interviewing (MI) principles. MI is effective and evidence based method for eliciting behavior change. MI is a directive, patient-centered counseling style. Within this approach, pharmacist helps patient to explore intrinsic motivation to change behavior, and resolve ambivalence. Pharmacist can use this approach in practice i.e. to support lifestyle changes, regular self-control, medication adherence and overcome addiction (including smoking cessation).

Keywords: Pharmacist, patient, attitude, motivational interviewing, health behavior

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