Klaudia Kurlapska, Mirosława Rosenthal, Beata Ulewicz-Magulska, Marek Wesołowski

Napoje energetyzujące

Napoje energetyzujące

Energy drinks

The use of energy drinks in Poland has grown exponentially since 1995. It is due to increasing common accessibility of these beverages and aggressive marketing targeted primarily toward teenagers and young adults, suggesting exclusively profitable effects of caffeinated drinks consumption. However, numerous studies have shown that regular use of energy drinks has an influence on human health. Therefore, the aim of this report was to review a literature data concerning the chemical composition of the most popular energy drinks and the health hazards owing to extensive consumption of these drinks, especially for children and adolescents who are not habitual caffeine users. The paper shows that excess consumption of energy drinks may result in health-consequences similar to those from excess exposure to caffeine. Moreover, energy drinks may increase the rate of alcoholrelated injury and may serve as a gateway to other forms of drug dependence.

Keywords: energy drinks, chemical composition, caffeine, taurine, health consequences

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