Jincheng Yang, Wendi Ge, Wenjing Yang

Developing Career as a Hospital Cancer Pharmacist in China

Developing Career as a Hospital Cancer Pharmacist in China

Pharmacy in a hospital is a comprehensive and multiple medical service. From the cancer hospital services, pharmacy in hospital sub-specialties include: clinical pharmacy, drug information service, hospital pharmacy dispensing, pharmacy administration, GCP (Good Clinical Practice), hospital preparation, pharmaceutical research, etc. As characters of anti-cancer drugs, cancer pharmacists should focus more on the latest treatment, individualized therapies, biomarkers, drug combinations, drug interactions and sequences. Development for hospital cancer pharmacists include: academic opportunities through scientific research, continuing professional opportunities through standardization training or board certification, and working abroad. It requires the ability of pharmacists to discover and solve potential and practical clinical medication problems, to find new standpoints from directly-facing patients for clinical pharmacy and hospital pharmacy.

Keywords: hospital, cancer, pharmacist, career, development.

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Developing Career as a Hospital Cancer Pharmacist in China

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